MRC Policies and Code of Conduct

IMG_7427We are extremely proud of the positive culture and atmosphere we are able to offer our members. It is a huge part of what makes our program so successful.  To keep MRC a fun and safe place for teens, we maintain high standards of conduct for our members and visitors.  Thank you for taking a minute to review these policies before you set up a visit to MRC!  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Member Code of Conduct

Behavior Policy

  1. All members must respect staff, other members, themselves and equipment.
  1. To maintain respect and create a space that is comfortable for any teen, we do not allow the promotion of drug, gun, sexually explicit or gang related material. We also do not use offensive language in the building. This includes on recordings.
  1. For the security of your belongings your bags and personal items need to be left in the lobby.
  1. To respect the space and each other we do not allow horseplay of any kind.
  1. To keep the space clean and protect equipment, food and drinks may not be taken anywhere in the building past the lobby.
  1. You must be in school and between the 7th and 12th grade to be in the studio.
  1. Members’ guests must be a fellow 7th -12th grader interested in joining MRC or a direct relative or approved guardian. Non-members may not be anywhere in the studio without staff or volunteer supervision and are not allowed to linger in the building without purpose for being there.
  1. Members must attend school any day they come to MRC during the school year. This includes “out of school” suspensions.
  1. Out of respect for other visitors we do not permit public displays of affection. Keep your hands to yourself.
  1. MRC is a non-smoking facility. There is absolutely no smoking inside or on MRC property. This also applies to any MRC function such as off-site performances.
  1. Members need to dress appropriately when attending the studio. Underwear and midriffs should not be showing. If it’s not appropriate for school, it’s not appropriate at the studio.
  1. All media (songs, beats, images, etc.) that leaves the studio needs to be approved by MRC staff. Staff permission is also required to put any files on our computers.

Failure to respect these policies may result in the following:

1st offense: immediate suspension for remainder of day

2nd offense: immediate one week suspension

3rd offense: immediate one month suspension

MRC staff has right to alter suspensions at their discretion

Parent and Adult Visitor Policy

To keep MRC a comfortable environment for our members, we have instituted these MRC Studio Visitor Policy and Partner Agency Visitor Policy. Thank you for taking a moment to review these policies before your visit.