What We Offer

Digital Production & Recording

Learn beatmaking hands-on right away.

Make beats, record songs, learn how to use studio equipment on your own. No matter what you want to do in the studios, a little know-how will help take your music to the next level. New members get one-on-one help from staff and gain a basic understanding of how the Mac computers, software, and studios work. Even with no music or computer experience, you’ll be making beats after just half an hour of instruction! From there, students learn at whatever pace they’d like, and are allowed to work on their own or get staff assistance when needed.

Music Lessons

Staff and volunteers from Cincinnati’s musical community provide private lessons in a variety of subjects including: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, voice, and even music theory or college audition prep. You can meet weekly with a teacher and enjoy the opportunities and community available at MRC for a fraction of the cost of a usual lesson studio or school. All lessons are available to members at no additional fee, however scheduling varies depending on instructor availability.
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Rehearsal Spaces

As a member, use our spaces and instruments to practice.

Finding a place where you can make a lot of noise to develop your talent can be hard for a young band or music group. This is why we provides you fully outfitted Rehearsal Spaces. We have three acoustically treated rehersal spaces where you can schedule time to regularly practice or jam without worrying about the neighbors complaining!  Everything you need is already here: Drums, guitars, amps, PA, mics. We’ve got it all! So no need to lug gear all over town to practice.

Radio Production

Mykel1Dreaming of being a DJ some day? Why wait?

You can produce content for our LP-FM station 95.7 MRC any time! And radio is so much more than introducing what song is about to play. You can tell stories, do a regular talk show, produce an opinion article on an important issue, conduct interviews and more. Whatever idea you have, our staff and volunteers will help you get it on the air and make your voice heard!