Virtual Tour

 Take a tour of our recording studios and facilities, as if you were actually stepping into the MRC!

MRC Front Lobby digital Teach Studio Station Practice Room Digital Project Studio Gold Studio 95.7 MRC Live Room Live Room Drum Kit Guitar Amp Station Multi-Track Control Room Venue -
Welcome to MRC Cinci! We are located at 3032 Woodburn Ave, where East Walnut Hills borders the Evanston community. On-site parking is available, and the 31 bus line conveniently stops right outside the studio. Also nearby are the 11 and 4 lines.
Enter MRC here, where you can lounge with fellow members, watch music videos, spin some vinyl, play games, do homework, eat an after school snack, or wait for a studio to open up.
The Recording Station in the Teaching Studio. It mimics the setup of our private Digital Project Studios. Here, members can learn the skills needed to advance to Fun Track and begin reserving their own private studios.
One of two rehearsal rooms. These can also be used by bands needing a practice space. Equipment readily available includes: electric & acoustic guitars, basses, amplifiers, upright, baby grand pianos, digital keyboards, electric & acoustic drum sets, and more!
These rooms are in many ways the heart of how members develop their skills. They are each outfitted with an iMac, recording software, keyboard controller for producing all types of sounds and members can check out mics and headphones to record solo or small group projects. Any member pursuing the Artist Track path can reserve them for at least an hour at a time.
This more private project studio is only able to be booked by Gold and Platinum Artists
This room is where our LP-FM radio station 95.7 MRC lives. Students can record any type of talk radio programming they want. They can do anything from music commentary to political opinion and news. The choice is up to them! The editing station uses industry standard software in radio spot editing to prepare those interested in pursuing a professional career in radio.
Our live multi-track recording room is arguably one of the best places in the city to record, and members STILL get to use it for just $2 per month! Everything you need to record any style of music from rock, to jazz, to hip hop is here for our Gold and Platinum Artists.
The drum kit in our Live Room. More interchangeable toms and cymbals are available as needed to make quality recordings.
Some of our higher quality guitar amplifiers in the Live Room. These are often used for members recording their band or overdubbing guitar parts for digital projects.
Here is the Control Room for our Multi-Track Studio. This studio is reserved for Gold and Platinum Artists. Hooked up to a Vocal Booth and Live Room (where the band records), it's capable of recording and mixing with professional quality. Students get the "real life" recording experience here, with an MRC staff member engineering while they record, unlike the personal self-contained project studios.
The final Thursday of every month we hold our Sampler, which offers a free hot meal for any members, community members or friends of the studio who would like to attend followed by a live performance by some of our members. In the mean time the space is available for band or dance practice.