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Camps Returns to MRC – Summer 2014

Any musician in the Tri-State area in the 7th – 12th grade is welcome to attend our camps for 5 days of learning, creating, and playing non-stop music! Like all MRC programs, our camp offers a learning experience centered around your interests, but includes so much more.

//Chosen by Cincinnati Magazine as “Best Band Camp” in their 2013 Best of Cincinnati issue!//

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Available Sessions

Songwriters and Producers Camp

  • June 16 – June 20
  • July 7 – July 11

Rock and Record Camp

  • June 23 – June 27
  • July 14 – July 18 [FULL]

Slots are available on a first come, first serve basis. If signing up at the group rate, each available session is limited to one group of at least 3 attendees for those dates. Summer sessions are 1 week long, M-F, from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM daily (20 hours over 5 days). Slots are subject to cancellation if attendance falls below the minimum enrollment (we would provide at least 2 weeks notice).

Rock and Record Camp is BACK!

Our staff believes there’s no greater thrill than the first time you realize you’re jamming in sync with your fellow musicians, or taking the stage to share your hard-work practicing and writing with a room full of friends and fans. Many young people think this is something only big time rock stars get to do and as such, might miss out on these joys. At MRC we know you have the power to do it all yourself! This camp is about empowering youth to know they can do anything with a bit of training and practice. It’s all about 5 days of learning, creating, and playing non-stop rock! If you’ve been taking lessons in guitar, drums, piano, bass or vocals and are wondering what it’s all for, then this camp is for you! But we offer so much more than a teacher showing you how to play some old songs your parents like (like similar rock camps) or a studio where you overpay an uncaring engineer to press the record button for you!

This camp experience is open to either individuals or bands, with at least 6 months experience on their instruments and includes:
  • Learning how to play music with other musicians
  • Recording in our state-of-the-art multi-track studio
  • Learning about the process of recording engineering and preparing to record in a studio as a performer
  • Preparing for a live “rock show” performance as a band

Introducing Songwriters and Producers Camp

There is a common African proverb that states, “if you can talk, you can sing; if you can walk, you can dance” – that we each have an innate ability to express, and developing skill is only a matter of practice.  It is MRC’s belief that a child’s innate abilities manifest in an encouraging environment, one we provide by helping teens foster their talents at our studio. Our Songwriting and Producers Camp introduces parents and students to our facilities. We teach the valuable tool of musical expression by introducing lyricism and critical thinking in a way that helps the students make a closer connection to the music they consume in their daily lives.  In other words, if your children listen to pop music on the radio, and share their favorite videos through Twitter and Facebook, then our camp will help them create their own contributions to our culture.

This camp experience is open to either individuals or groups of any experience level and includes:
  • Learning to turn your ideas and lyrics into original songs
  • Learning how to produce original music before even taking a lesson
  • Expressing yourself on the mic
  • Producing and sharing your first original songs or improving and recorded ones you’ve started

We do it all while giving you the best music camp experience at the lowest price available!


  • Individual Rate: $250 per person
  • Group/Band Rate: $800 per band ($200 additional for each member past 4)

How to Apply

Register at MRC or Download Your Application Now!  Completed application can be mailed or delivered (during operating hours) to our studio located at 3032 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45206, or scanned and e-mailed to

Have More Questions?

Potential campers or parents may call us at 513-834-8304 or stop by the studio during operating hours.

OR check out our Camps FAQ Page.


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