Artist Track Program

The Artist Track Program provides MRC members an opportunity to earn membership status known as “Artist Levels”; each providing different perks and expectations. We adapt the program to members’ interests and experience level — for example, one student might want to become a better rapper while another might want to become a professional songwriter. Keeping these goals in mind, we design a customized series of activities and experiences for each student, which is relevant to their interests, and may include producing songs, classes, lessons, rehearsals, and performances.

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Members often use the Center as a “drop-in” spot, occasionally coming by to casually pursue musical activities or take weekly lessons. They are not as goal-directed as Artist Track members, and sometimes simply enjoy the social aspects of the MRC, such as being around friends and listening to their music.


Opens up a few opportunities for those who have shown they are ready to move forward and become more committed to their own music education. Members of this track can now “book” (reserve) rooms for practice and production time up to one week in advance.


Intended for members who have musical aspirations, have begun to attend MRC regularly and are ready to work on more advanced projects. This level seeks to give its participants a taste of more intense training experiences in the hopes that they will become interested in moving on to the Platinum Artist. Members who show dedication can very quickly advance to this level.


Provides the most structured learning and mentoring experiences for our members. Prerequisites include a weekly attendance commitment to MRC and structured goals determined with the help of the staff. These students receive intensive mentoring from MRC staff, volunteers and other music professionals whenever possible.

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Who Can Join?

  • Currently enrolled student in grades 7th-12th (19 years old or younger).
  • Rising 7th graders are eligible for membership during the summer, and graduating seniors remain eligible until September.

What Do I need?

  • Fill out a Membership Application, which you can also pick up from the MRC during our open hours.
  • If you are under 18 years old, you will need a parent or guardian’s signatures on the form.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Membership at MRC is $2 per month.

Can I Test it Out First?

Before paying for membership, you can visit our studio for a free tour. A tour of our studios is a great way to get the full picture of what MRC has to offer. Parents, feel free to come with your teen(s) so that our staff can answer any questions you might have about your child attending MRC.

To set up a tour, you can: Call 513-834-8304 or Contact Us.

Scheduling a tour ahead of time ensures that our staff will be available. To continue attending MRC after your free tour, you will need to sign up as a member and pay for at least your first month of membership

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