Part of our mission at MRC-Cinci is to reach out to teens in Cincinnati and surrounding communities. Through our Intro To Digital Recording Workshop, teens get to make their own music—and sing, talk or rap over their song—just like regular members do at our studios. At the same time, participants find a new talent by learning music in a fun, approachable way that is almost instantly hands-on.

In this class, we teach a group of students how to record a sample and loop-based song using Apple’s GarageBand software. By the end of the course the students will walk away with a CD of their groups’ own original songs they’ve recorded!

Different Ways You Can Use Our Programming

This workshop can be offered in a short-run or weekly recurring format, and the activities and content can be tailored to fit your organization or school. Contact our Program Director if you would like to learn more the Intro to Digital Recording Workshop and our flexible offerings.

* Outreach classes are also available In-House in our own Teaching Studio (limited to 12 students) at a discounted price or in your school.

Is your Teen Program/Service, School, Rec Center, etc interested in MRC’s music production workshops?

Contact MRC Program Director Josh Elstro