Outreach with the Music Resource Center

Part of our mission at the Music Resource Center is to reach out to teens in Cincinnati and surrounding communities. Outreach can be scheduled as a field trip to our studios or as a school visit. Participants find a new talent by learning music in a fun, approachable way that is almost instantly hands-on.


Digital Recording

Get the full MRC studio experience producing a song start to finish. Students can also record their voices onto their tracks! Hands-on program for 12 children and up to 3 groups. Options are 6 hours (over 3 days) or upgraded to 12 hours (over 8 days).


In this condensed beat-making workshop, teens will find themselves creating a song in minutes – regardless of musical experience. Hands-on music production of an original song in a 2 hour sessions for 12 kids in a group and up to 3 groups.

Express Session

Join an MRC staff producer to make a song as one collaborative group. Produce a song with your groups own vocals. Serves up to 30 participants in a 2 hour session.

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